2 Reasons, 1 Cup

Thanks in part to the pandemic, takeaway coffee seems to have taken over our lives. Anywhere you go now, most of the people around you will be sipping caffeine from a cardboard cup. But it doesn't come without a cost; 3 cups per day creates over 1000 lbs of non recyclable waste each year. Our caffeine addiction hurts the environment – but it doesn’t need to. Here are 2 reasons why you should stop using paper cups and invest in a reusable one instead.
1. It Reduces Waste
Protecting our environment is the main reason to quit disposable cups. And to make the cups waterproof, the paper is fused with a plastic lining (often also containing BPA), which can't be separated from the paper in a normal recycling plant.
2. Your coffee tastes better and it's stylish
Reusable cups eliminate the unwelcome taste of plastic in your morning cappuccino. Certain lids may also contain the harmful plastic BPA, investing in a stainless steel cup avoids any possible health risks. 

Changing habits takes time, but it's worth it. The environment is crucial to our well-being and to our future, and we should take every opportunity, however small, to reduce harm.


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